Supermarket Sarah Presents: Onagono

August 27th, 2014

Onagono sells beautiful collections of ethical homeware, accessories and jewellery sourced from around the world. The products are not mass produced and have been made using traditional techniques using quality materials.


Supermarket Sarah Presents: I Am Acrylic

August 20th, 2014

I am Acrylic are a dynamic design duo creating a world of acrylic jewels. Made lovingly from their London based studio Brendan & Ruth’s designs are individually hand-cut on their trusty fretsaw. They meticulously hand finish every component, ensuring each one matches their exacting standards! Come and take a look at their miniature wonder wall here on Supermarket Sarah and click to buy their beautifully crafted jewellery.




Supermarket Sarah Presents: From Brighton With Love

August 4th, 2014

From Brighton With Love is an independent home accessories label created by Sally Evans. Influenced by her passion for home interiors, knitting and of course Brighton! The cushions all fasten with 5 shell buttons, which gives them a fun seaside feel. Click to buy her beautiful designs, now available on Supermarket Sarah




Supermarket Sarah Presents: Bel Lefosse

July 24th, 2014

Bel Lefosse is a Brazilian Fashion and Surface Designer based in London. Using a combination of photography, illustration and digital manipulation, her work reflects the vibrant colours of her homeland and her passion for nature and the world around her.

As a freelance designer Bel has been featured in 3 NYFW catwalks and US Elle Magazine. As an independent London based designer Bel has created two diverse collections; a fun and vibrant swimwear collection, featured on her first supermarket wall and her current wall, showcasing her beautiful homeware collection.

Both walls have been shot in London from her studio. Her Brazilian patterns found on her phone covers, swimwear and printed cushions show off her Brazilian roots, making us want to travel to the tropical landscape of Brazil!


flowers and lines.jpeg


Supermarket Sarah Presents: Lu Flux

July 10th, 2014

Lu Flux is a lifestyle brand based in Hackney, East London. Lu creates beautiful one off pieces using only the most unique vintage and organic fabrics, manipulating them into more contemporary and playful designs. Colourful patchworks are her signature, meshing contrasting and complementary vintage fabrics to create a really unique feel to her apparel and interior furnishings. We hope you enjoy the playfulness of her supermarket wall!



Supermarket Sarah Presents: All The Fruits in collaboration with Metrocuadro Design

June 26th, 2014

Stephen and Jessica aka All The Fruits are a design duo based in Bologna, Italy. Working from their studio they collaborate to create exceptional design, specialising in creating patterns for various use: surfaces, textiles and wallpapers.
Their supermarket wall is a carefully constructed visual delight showcasing their collaborative wallpapers alongside Metrocuardo Design, another talented Italian design duo; Fabrizio and Eliana. Metrocuardo Design create extraordinary furniture and products for contemporary homes and lifestyles.

Check out their wall and click to find out more about their designs and how you can get your hands on some seriously contemporary products for your home, here on Supermarket Sarah.

All The Fruits detail of wall

All The Fruits making their wall

Metrocuadro Design and All The Fruits

Happy shopping

Love SS xx

The Outsider Motorcycle Club collaborate with NIFE

June 14th, 2014

Showcasing and supporting independent shops both online and on the high street are very important to us here at Supermarket Sarah, and our latest collaboration does just that and more! We’ve brought together The Outsider Motorcycle Club; an independent fashion boutique with local rock band, NIFE to create our latest wall.

The Outsider Motorcycle Club can be found on Hackneys Mare Street. Richie Garner is the proud owner of this store, which is home to a rare collection of vintage jackets, boots and other biker paraphernalia. We brought in local North London band NIFE to model some of Richie’s wares.

We shot the wall in Richie’s store with the help from the very talented photographer Ollie Wright. It was a super day creating Richie’s wall and the band and Richie really meshed well together, sharing a similar aesthetic and love for music and fashion. If you find yourself on Mare Street anytime soon then pop in to see Richie’s truly unique store. With such an eclectic mix of vintage rock paraphanelia we’re sure that you’ll find an absolute treasure! As for NIFE you’ll most certainly be seeing them on the festival circuit this summer.




We hope you enjoy their collaboration! Till next time.

Love SS xx

Tiny Track’s super wall!

May 31st, 2014

Here at Supermarket Sarah HQ we are super excited to introduce to you the wonderful Tiny Track and the designer behind the brand, Ina Shin. Ina has created a beautiful Supermarket Sarah wall which we’ve just launched on our site. It’s a fun and colourful delight showcasing Ina Shin’s beautifully hand-crafted accessories. Ina combines contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship and is inspired by retro culture, parquetry and the materials themselves. Originally from Seoul, South Korea Ina has been living and working in London for couple of years having studied ceramic art and 3D design through university. ”I came to make some works out of my practical approach to stuff that I love; involving little obsession for tools and material”. Check out Ina of Tiny Track’s wall and click to buy her beautifully crafted and unique designs.

Happy shopping guys!

Love SS x x

Tiny Track - Wall

Tiny Track - Necklace

Ina making

Supermarket Sarah @ Cock and Bull FESTIVAL

August 29th, 2013

This summer SS has been on a roll with Festivals! ‘TEAM SS’ were super excited to be invited to create props and a super hay bail wall for the main events space at The Cock and Bull Festival in Chippenham. The festival itself is set in the middle of a stunning, working farm in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The farm is normally home to 3,000 sheep who make way for one blissful weekend of great music! Including We Were Evergreen, Sheelan Gig, Dizraeli and the small Gods and many more. All in aid of a super charity - Jamie’s Farm –  that exists to transform the lives of vulnerable children in challenging urban schools, by providing a unique combination of ‘farming, family and therapy’ programme.

Supermarket Sarah created life size 2D farm yard animals which were branded and lit up for the night time with LED’s. Real Supermarket Sarah branded sheep also roamed about!

Many Thanks to Henry Trew, Ruth Shepherd, Jamie, the coolest farmer ever! - and his very happy helpers, Daisy, Ross Grindley and photographer Oliver Wright for making it happen! and to TRAIDremade for making us some super customised and very useful wellies!





Supermarket Sarah Stage@The Hidden Hill Festival

July 2nd, 2013

What a festival! BIG up thank you to Sefton and Sarah, the organisers of The Hidden Hill Festival for inviting me to create a Supermarket Sarah Stage wall in the beautiful setting of the Lincolnshire hills. It has been my bestest festival experience yet, a small and beautifully thought out festival with arts, music and super people!

We transformed the Acoustic Woodland stage into a Home Supermarket Sarah Extravaganza! Trolley’s adorned with willow and leafs, vintage treasures and ornaments perched in amongst the shrubbery and of course my spray painted pineapples which sat perfectly on the magnificent wood rings which had been cut for us.

It was wonderful to watch the sassy Silvina Moreno and  the quirky  Unknown Stuntman with their fantastic entourage playing on the stage. It seemed to suit them so well.

We all got down and boogied to Andrew Weatherall in the amazing dance stage designed by the light show artist  Julian Hand

Super THANKS to my fab team of forest helpers! Stylist Sarah Richards, Ed Kirk, Ross Grindley, and big thanks to Photographer Oliver F Wright for taking the most amazing festival photos!

Supermarket Sarah Stage @ theHiddenHillfestival

Supermarket Sarah Stage @ theHiddenHillfestival


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