Supermarket Sarah @ Cock and Bull FESTIVAL

August 29th, 2013

This summer SS has been on a roll with Festivals! ‘TEAM SS’ were super excited to be invited to create props and a super hay bail wall for the main events space at The Cock and Bull Festival in Chippenham. The festival itself is set in the middle of a stunning, working farm in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The farm is normally home to 3,000 sheep who make way for one blissful weekend of great music! Including We Were Evergreen, Sheelan Gig, Dizraeli and the small Gods and many more. All in aid of a super charity - Jamie’s Farm –  that exists to transform the lives of vulnerable children in challenging urban schools, by providing a unique combination of ‘farming, family and therapy’ programme.

Supermarket Sarah created life size 2D farm yard animals which were branded and lit up for the night time with LED’s. Real Supermarket Sarah branded sheep also roamed about!

Many Thanks to Henry Trew, Ruth Shepherd, Jamie, the coolest farmer ever! - and his very happy helpers, Daisy, Ross Grindley and photographer Oliver Wright for making it happen! and to TRAIDremade for making us some super customised and very useful wellies!





Supermarket Sarah Stage@The Hidden Hill Festival

July 2nd, 2013

What a festival! BIG up thank you to Sefton and Sarah, the organisers of The Hidden Hill Festival for inviting me to create a Supermarket Sarah Stage wall in the beautiful setting of the Lincolnshire hills. It has been my bestest festival experience yet, a small and beautifully thought out festival with arts, music and super people!

We transformed the Acoustic Woodland stage into a Home Supermarket Sarah Extravaganza! Trolley’s adorned with willow and leafs, vintage treasures and ornaments perched in amongst the shrubbery and of course my spray painted pineapples which sat perfectly on the magnificent wood rings which had been cut for us.

It was wonderful to watch the sassy Silvina Moreno and  the quirky  Unknown Stuntman with their fantastic entourage playing on the stage. It seemed to suit them so well.

We all got down and boogied to Andrew Weatherall in the amazing dance stage designed by the light show artist  Julian Hand

Super THANKS to my fab team of forest helpers! Stylist Sarah Richards, Ed Kirk, Ross Grindley, and big thanks to Photographer Oliver F Wright for taking the most amazing festival photos!

Supermarket Sarah Stage @ theHiddenHillfestival

Supermarket Sarah Stage @ theHiddenHillfestival


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Supermarket Sarah Presents: TRAID remade Spring Summer 2013

May 14th, 2013




I am very excited to present TRAID Remade’s Super Spring Summer collection 2013! The windows and wall are up in the Dalston store now! So do come see!

106 -108 Kingsland Road

London  E8 2NS

I love the stories behind all the vintage clothes that TRAID sell and have long been a fan of their stores both in London and when they had  a store in Brighton, which is where I went to University.

Clare Farrell’s latest collection ‘REMADE’ is as you’d expect all made from recycled clothes.

Clare tie dyes, dip dyes, cuts and customises clothes which are no longer wanted and brings them back to life. I’m loving her mix and match Leggings and Bum bags! It was amazing working with Clare, her energy shines into the clothes she makes.

Do check out Clare’s summer delights in store, and soon online and on Supermarket

BIG THANKS to team TR who were so open and fun to work with!

Fashion Designer herself Claire Farrell,

TRAID TEAM: Leigh McAlea, Lyla Patel Reynolds,

The amazing prop designer Lizzie King and Louise Mulahy

all whom made my cling filmed card board box wall dream extravaganza a reality!

Supermarket Sarah/ TRAID wall @London College of Communication

March 7th, 2013

Thank you LCC for a super Green Week 2013! I was invited back this year to create a wall for TRAID at London College of Communication.

TRAID wanted to show the process of how their clothes start from unwanted items, get sorted in sorting depots and are then up cycled by their designers and sold in their stores for added value, helping to reduce landfill and develop sustainable livelihoods all over the world.


so Sophie Abboud, a student from London College of Fashion helped me create a WONDER WALL of clothes which started sad and limp and then gradually became brightly coloured and dancing! we dotted the wall with some photos of the process and showed flying bird scissors swoop in to do the up-cycling to make sense of it all.

There was all sorts going on through out the day and Traid and Patrice John-Baptiste from Open Wardrobe had a great workshop going on customising clothes.







Tea at Kirstie’s :)

January 15th, 2013

Popped by Kirstie Allsopp’s today to chat about her wall for Supermarket Sarah which was very exciting! Loving her bookshelf wall which revolves partly into her bedroom. What a fab idea! She has some super collections which she and her partner Ben have been collecting. An amazing tortoise shell hangs in a bathroom, beautiful framed butterflies and I spotted a brilliant vintage gym horse which works so well for the kids bedroom. Kirstie is all about championing vintage and up-cycling so I can’t wait for the wall up date which is coming soon: Watch this space!



December 18th, 2012


FROM 5pm:







The EJF -

Environmental Justice Foundation is a UK based non profit  organisation working internationally to protect the environment and human rights. Safer Seas is one of their campaigns which this wall is based around.
They have collaborated with several designers, namely the super Vivienne Westwood to create bespoke T-shirts and clothes ranges for them which can all be purchased on their Supermarket Sarah wall but there is also more in their pop up shop on CARNABY STREET!

Do join us to celebrate an EJF/Supermarket Sarah XMAS Today - TUESDAY 18TH!

There will be Supermarket Vintage and Supermarket Books to be bought  -and all for a super cause!


Supermarket Sarah Book Signing @Selfridges!

October 21st, 2012



Thank you Selfridges and WHSMITH for inviting me to do a book signing last week! My slot was after David Walliams which rather fun!
My Supermarket red strawberry boxes came with me for displaying the books which looked like gleaming groceries. Customers were at first a little miffed but quickly started chomping on the sweets and chatting. It felt rather strange yet brilliant to be back at Selfridges with my wall in the shape of a book this time! Again, something which I would never have believed would happen if someone had of told me a year ago. It was great to see Leah Vaughan again from the Selfridges VM team who came by to get her copy.
The book has now been Damon Albarn and Kirstie Allsopp approved!
I hope Yoko Ono likes her copy! :)
You can get yours in all good bookstores!! It’s “Unputdownable” according to Selfridges marketing display team at WHSMTH!
You can get it at WHMITH, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Art words, Donlon books and of course Amazon.

THANK YOU for a SUPER BOOK launch!!

October 12th, 2012

What a super evening! THANK YOU to all who came despite the rain! It was so touching to see you all there. SO much fun!

Thank you Mike and Ola for the tunes

Tanqueray for the gin! Rob for creating the super tropical ‘Ruby Cooler’ cocktails.

The Jaguar Shoes team -Nick, Teresa, Vicky, Tomo, Oliver and James for being so brilliant to help organise the event.

Cico Books -so great to see you there! WE did it :)

James Gardiner and Andrew Swannell my super photographers! Team Tokyo re-united :)

The brilliant designer Teo Connor at Nodaysoff

The Christopher Kelley house hold - You guys rock!

Gabby Young -great to see you!

and Team BESPOKE! Interiors Team big up!

Alex Kiehl for the super photos and Tara Collis for being Clip board lady!

Ilse and Katya who came from Sweden as did my Sister Miriam and Dalite and Benjy.

Henrik and Annette :)

and all my friends and family

IF you missed tonight I will be in Selfridges from 6pm -7pm on the ground floor in WHSMITHS for more! I’m thinking of bringing my giant pencil…?!



Supermarket Sarah Book Launch! October 11th!

September 23rd, 2012

The Supermarket Sarah book has very almost arrived!! :)

I have been around the globe finding super inspiring home owners, from hoarders in Hackney to modern Swedish style homes to Tokyo fairytale castles!

‘Wonder Walls Supermarket Sarah’s Guide to Display’ is set for release Thursday October 11th 2012, published by Cico Books.

I would so love you to come to my launch to celebrate and thank you all for your support and get a signed copy!

At: Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA

On: Thursday 11th October

From:6.30pm -9pm

Tanqueray Gin are kindly sponsoring so there will be yummy drinks from a lovely cocktail bar!

I will also be in Selfridges on Friday 12th October

Signing copies from 6-7pm

See you there!





Family Tree/Supermarket Sarah Wall up Party

July 6th, 2012

Thanks Takako, Mathew and Aska Copeland for a super wall up shopping party at your lovely Family Tree Shop on Exmouth Market! So many beautiful things!

check out their wall on Supermarket Sarah or pop along to their store. Exmouth Market is such a great summer street!